• Optional Only if  Lot "Right of Burial"
    purchased prior to January of 2019.
Evergreen Cemetery Services
Stoughton, MA 02072
Effective as of June 1, 2019
  • Monument foundation for all lots extra
Traditional Burials
Traditional Cremations
Monument Schedule
Traditional Lots
Foundation Schedule
* (Apron Repair for a Fee TBD by Superintendent)

Foundation payments received between October 1st - April 15th:
Foundation installed by Memorial Day

Foundation payments received between April 16th - July 31st:
Foundation installed by Labor Day

Foundation payments received between August 1st - September 30th:
Foundation installed by November 1st

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April - November
Monday - Friday   (beyond 1pm additional charge)
Saturdays  (beyond 12pm additional charge )
December - March  *Winter Charge
Monday - Friday  (beyond 1pm additional charge )
Saturdays ( beyond 12pm additional charge )
Beyond Cutoff Time - additional charge

* Winter Charge - These prices are for up to 2 feet of
snow.  Any accumulation over 2 feet is an additional $200
per foot.

* * *  Pallbearer Charge if required: $400.00

* *  All Traditional & Cremation
Burials Must Be Managed By
A Funeral Home.

*  Minimum 48 hr. Notice
Required For ALL Forms of

* Burial Permit - Required
Before Burial Will Commence.
Monday - Friday
Sundays, Holidays
December - March  *Winter Charge
Maximum Size Base
Total Height Not To Exceed
One Grave
2ft. x 1ft.
Two Graves
2ft. 6in. x 1ft. 2in.
Two Grave
w/Vase Base
3ft. x 1ft. 2in.
Three Graves
3ft. x 1ft. 2in.
3ft. 2in.
Four Graves
4ft. x 1ft. 4in.
3ft. 2in.
Five Graves
4ft. x 1ft. 4in.
3ft. 2in.
Eight Graves
5ft. x 1ft. 4in.
3ft. 6in.
2ft. x 1ft.
Grass Markers
2ft. x 1ft.
Single Grave
4 Grave Lots
8 Grave Lots
Currently Unavailable
Double Deep (2 Graves) Lot - Includes vault for 2 caskets
Currently Unavailable
Columbarium Fee Schedule
Niche (All Companion Niche's Capable of Double Occupancy)
$ 1800.00
Burial Service (Opening)
$ 350.00
Niche Door Engraving  (Single Occupant)  Surname D.O.B.
$ 300.00
Niche Door Engraving (Double Occupant) Surnames D.O.B.'s
$ 500.00
Finish Door Engraving (for each return)  D.O.D.
$ 100.00
Complete Niche Urn Burial Package (Single Occupant)
$ 2550.00
Complete Niche Urn Burial Package (Double Occupancy)
$ 3200.00